If you know me personally you know I’m a bit all over the place. I’m a part time flower child, full time hot mess.


To start, I have been married since 2016, and as of 2018 I am a momma to the most wonderful baby boy. I thought I was a “crunchy” mom, which is just a term for hippies who do everything the natural old fashioned way, but after talking to some of these hippie mommas I realized I’m more “chewy” than crunchy, if that makes any sense. I fall somewhere in between modern and holistic.

I practice tarot and align my chakras, smudge my apartment every now and then, had an all natural birth, and I will probably figure out your astrological chart as soon as we meet. I also vaccinated my baby, I fully believe in science, eat processed foods, and love trap music. You can decide what to call me for yourself.

I started being more active on social media, specifically Instagram @lifeandlana, when I found out I was pregnant. With a baby coming, I was leaving the overwhelmingly difficult parts of my life behind me and needed a sense of community. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends and family and honestly I do not deserve some of them, but I needed something new. I wanted to be a mom that focused on her baby but didn’t lose herself while doing it, and I was already feeling a little lost. I also wanted to document this new part of my life that I knew would be full of moments I would never want to forget, so my pregnancy kick started what would eventually become my blog.

By meeting new people through Instagram I found so many different communities and events that I was excited to become a part of. I learned about parenting and family friendly hang out spots and had conversations with a bunch of like minded people. Reading about others’ experiences as they go through life can motivate you when you’re experiencing something similar, especially when you’re about to start something as scary as trying to raise a perfect little human being.

I’m a moon mom to a little meteor, and I’m trying to balance being a mother and being a person without losing myself somewhere between the two. 

I’m a feminist. I think it’s important to speak your mind often, and loudly. I think debates and discussion are important, especially at times like these.

I love travel and events and anything that keeps me out and about. Telling friends about what I’ve been up to and hearing about others are things I’ve been happy to do. Sharing with others can be an intimate experience all on its own and it it will surprise you how much you discover when you open yourself up.

I am an incredibly liberal person and I’m comfortable disclosing deep and personal pieces of my life. I tend to speak my mind, almost to a fault, and while this is endearing to some it can be a deal breaker for others. I hope you continue to follow my thoughts through all the funky little topics and places they’ll take you. Be back soon.